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It’s been a while! Since starting at Granify in November I’ve had little time to do much outside of work. Well, no time for blogging anyways. Tried doing a bit on my Google+ page but I ended up just sharing photos instead (goodbye Instagram). Anyways, I’ve expanded my repitoire a bit over the last few months and I’m excited to share some of the things I’ve been working on.

Sublime Text Plugins

  • gdt-sublime - A ST package for some tools I’ve been developing for Granify developers. Not much to see here unless you have access to the granify-dev-tools package, which most people don’t. :)
  • evetils-sublime - ST package for my set of Evernote command line utilities called evertils. More about that later.

$EDITOR Plugins

  • gdt-atom - An Atom plugin for the granify-dev-tools package, similar to gdt-sublime above but for Atom. The goal is to build a unique experience for the Atom editor, but because it’s written in nodejs this is a slow process.
  • gdt-brackets - A Brackets package for granify-dev-tools. Of the two node editors, this one is by far the worst in terms of plugin development, but it is more popular internally so I have to work with it.

Ruby Gems

  • rbtils - A stand-alone set of utilities for tasks like minifying files, running commands and logging things, running your code through a linter/syntax validator, etc.
  • evertils - Early this year I developed a workflow for tracking my daily activities (which works really well for me) that heavily relies on Evernote. After playing with the Evernote API for a few months I figured I could simplify the process of copy-pasting from the same template every day into a command that I only have to run once a day. This gem is the result of this effort. Besides the daily/weekly/monthly log generation stuff it does you can also create notes and browse notebooks. It’s functionality is somewhat limited right now but it is early in development.
  • notifaction - All manner of notifications for command line terminals, popup windows and other OS notifications. Currently supports OSX and Linux (Ubuntu, mainly).
  • adblock-tester - A simple scraper/parser to see if your service is on any of the known adblock lists.