boom, headshotHello / Blog / Xbox One Backwards Compat Broken (Update).

UPDATE: For some inexplicable reason, despite not receiving any further updates, the games mentioned below now prompt to install. Hurrah! Original post as follows…

Well the new dashboard update is here and it looks really good, actually. A lot more like the Windows 10 Xbox app now, which I thought was head and shoulders better than the original Xbox One UI. Backwards compatibility for some (a very limited set to begin with) games got me excited, especially since my all time favourite tactical shooter Rainbow Six Vegas 2 was included in the list. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t work.

Neither Vegas 2 nor Just Cause 2 would install, giving me the “see website for details” error. As you can see, those two games should work. Also worth noting, that page seems to be broken the first time you load it in Safari (mobile or desktop).

Kind of strange how they focused on a bunch of XBLA games instead of the big sellers like Halo Reach, Bioshock and Call of Duty. Perhaps they just started with the easiest ports? Regardless, I really doubt any of them work so it doesn’t matter what they started with. Did anyone test this, like, even one single time?