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If you know me, we probably met at a hockey game. Professional networking isn’t for me (the short version: work is something I do for money and meeting new people does not pay the bills), but I’m not a total recluse. I’m very active in the local (Edmonton) beer league hockey scene. It may sound kind of silly, but these are my people. A fresh sheet of ice is my happy place.

For me, hockey is more than a game. It’s a community that has given me so much. As a goalie I get the physical and technical challenges that I can’t face at work. As a team manager I get to work on my people management and interpersonal skills.

At the same time, I 100% recognize why hockey is not currently for everyone. Look at the current Hockey Canada debacle or comments on social posts any time a visible minority says they’ve experienced racism. It is very much a straight, white, male sport. We’ve got a great leadership group trying to change that, one small beer league team at a time, but obviously it is an uphill battle.

We’re exploring a number of opportunities, with the eventual goal of building something that can have a big impact on the local amateur sports scene for everyone. Though, mostly, for people who aren’t at all like me. I’m very privileged (in many ways!) to be involved in this endeavour, and look forward to sharing more as we grow.