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Recent work && Google+

Busy, busy, busy · Posted on in meta

It’s been a while! Since starting at Granify in November I’ve had little time to do much outside of work. Well, no time for blogging anyways. Tried doing a bit on my Google+ page but I ended up just sharing photos instead (goodbye Instagram). Anyways, I’ve expanded my repitoire a bit over the last few months and I’m excited to share some of the things I’ve been working on.

Deploy Jekyll Anywhere

Static website generators are actually awesome · Posted on in jekyll

Jekyll is a pretty slick system, but if you’re not used to using ruby (and the gem package manager) it can be a bit tricky and if you’re like me you might give up on it all together for 6 months. Hopefully this short tutorial will help you avoid that.

Choosing a CMS

The correct answer is probably Wordpress · Posted on in wordpress joomla jekyll

There are a lot of things to worry about when you’re building a website, whether or not the system you’ve chosen to manage content will scale properly shouldn’t be one of them. Most development shops, those I’ve dealt with anyways, have a go-to CMS they sell to their clients because in most cases the salesman isn’t responsible for development. That’s fine 90% of the time but every now and then you run into a project that might have been just a bit easier build in Joomla, or maybe a bit more user friendly if it was Wordpress.

Windows Phone vs. Blackberry

Apparently I don't like technology · Posted on in blackberry windows-phone

In my smartphone journey I’ve used Blackberry hardware twice (first with the Storm 9530 and then with the Z10). While neither were standouts, they were (and are, in the case of the Z10) very solid devices that I enjoyed using. Recently I switched to a Nokia Lumia 1020, and while it does have some features I really enjoy using it still doesn’t feel ready for prime time. The camera was the main reason for moving away from Blackberry, the Z10’s is just terrible in all conditions, and the 1020 has the best camera (I think, and so do many reviewers) on the market so it was an easy choice. I’d like to say I’m totally happy with my new phone, but there are several issues that make using Windows Phone a tedious experience.


A rant featuring douchebaggery · Posted on in recruiters

“Look man, I know theres a lot of misleading and shit recruiters out there, so maybe you’ve had some bad experiences. I’m a straight shooter, I’m transparent and give you the details and let you make the decision for yourself. I know other recruiters, there mostly out for a quick buck. Not to sound arrogant, but I already make a good amount of money on reoccuring revenue, whether I make my commission off you or not really doesn’t affect whether I eat at the end of the day. “