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Everyone should use SCM

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When I started working at Free Advertising almost 3 months ago I was asked to provide some direction in regards to what technology the team should use, so naturally I recommended (among other things) that we include some kind of SCM (source control management) into our workflow to manage code and assets. Our team may be small, but using SCM to manage new features and other changes is invaluable; the ability to roll back to a previous version alone is priceless. At my previous job, we used SVN and a service called Springloops, but I was ready for a change so I suggested Beanstalk and Git instead. Beanstalk is good at what it does, but it seems like a 1.0 product to me. I think it would really benefit from a Wiki feature at the very least, which when it is kept up-to-date is a great way to manage and organize content. A ticketing system is an absolute must as well, but it isn’t crucial to have this built-in as other excellent task management systems exist (such as Asana or JIRA).