boom, headshotHello / Resume.

Who am I?

I’m a strong backend developer with over 14 years of experience building websites and web apps of all size and configuration for a variety of local, national and international clients. I am 36, live in Edmonton, AB, Canada with my partner, enjoy video games and LOVE hockey in all it’s wonderful forms.

Skills & Interests

  • Code
    • Ruby / Rails
    • PHP (numerous frameworks)
    • Javascript (Coffeescript, ES6, Typescript, jQuery, mootools, handlebars, nodejs)
    • MySQL, some postgres (database design, implementation, optimization)
    • HTML/CSS (SASS, Less, etc)
    • Swift 4+, some Obj-C
    • Docker, linux server management
  • Other
    • Programmer mentorship, technical leadership
    • Mountain biking, hockey, and fitness
    • Cooking

Where do you see yourself in X years?

As a senior developer I’m interested in building my leadership, mentorship and project management skills to better serve the teams I work with. I still love programming and all the challenges it offers, I’m just looking forward to some new ones as well.

Recent Positions

  • YellowPencil
    • Building Drupal and Laravel applications for a wide variety of clients in the public service industry. These included integrations between existing and new Drupal websites to custom applications like chatbots and scalable notification systems.
    • Primarily working with one of our biggest clients, the City of Edmonton on a wide variety of software projects.
    • Worked on scaling and improving the server side code and infrastructure with the eventual goal of moving from dedicated hardware to Amazon AWS. Utilized Laravel Vapor to help build the backend infrastructure, evaluated Heroku and Microsoft Azure for viability as well. Also responsible for leading the effort to improve code quality by refactoring certain components to demonstrate best practices, implement automated tests, and hold lunch-and-learns with the development team to share knowledge.
    • My first major project was to upgrade the application (PHP/Laravel) from 5.2 to 6.x so they could utilize the Vapor service. Other technologies used include Angular 1.x, linux/apache server environment, MySQL.
  • FKA
    • Agencies work with a wide variety of clients, so there’s a similar scope for the kind of work we are asked to do. This includes developing and implementing devops tools and procedures tailored for the agency environment, building websites using Wordpress (grunt/SASS/Foundation), building native apps for iOS (as well as tvOS/watchOS), Linux server administration, and much more.
    • I also contributed to our new business efforts by helping with proposal writing from time to time, drafting up technical documentation and training materials, and building presentations for internal learning sessions.

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