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Adventures with ADHD

I'm not broken you're broken · Posted on in mental-health

Reality is a funny thing you don’t really think about. It’s the perception of the world around you, it’s entirely unique and, almost entirely, in your head. This perception changes, constantly, and affects every aspect of your life.

It's like a business that doesn't make any money

Recreational hockey won't make you rich but it is rewarding · Posted on in people-management

If you know me, we probably met at a hockey game. Professional networking isn’t for me (the short version: work is something I do for money and meeting new people does not pay the bills), but I’m not a total recluse. I’m very active in the local (Edmonton) beer league hockey scene. It may sound kind of silly, but these are my people. A fresh sheet of ice is my happy place.

Recruiters leaving you on read?

Treat them with the same respect they give you · Posted on in recruiters

I don’t know why I even have the Linkedin app on my phone. Honestly, I hate it. 99% of the posts/interactions/etc are things I do not care about or actively despise. “You just need to follow services and people that you like” - you might say? I don’t like business services, companies, or clients. I only follow and interact with people I’ve worked with, I’m not looking to sell my “brand” or become an influencer (though you wouldn’t know the difference between FB/TW and LI with all the clout chasing, these days). I just want a feed that isn’t either a) non-stop shilling or b) people reacting to obviously fake, completely made up stories where some guy pretends to feel bad about firing a bunch of people or for hiring a minority who had “no experience”. I don’t engage with people who are just looking for attention, and neither should you (but, you do you).

YP is hiring

Come work with us · Posted on in hiring

Yellowpencil is hiring for a number of positions, check them out on Linkedin.